Buckley Bros 23

Buckley Bros 23" Accles & Pollock

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Buckley Bros were one of the most prominent early British marques, based in South London and established in 1919. They were famous for high quality bicycles and were early adopters of design advances such as the use taper tubes and innovative frame construction on tandem and time trial bicycles. This post war machine features their famous triangulated chain stays and they are really very pretty and do a good job of stiffening the rear end. Lug work is extremely pretty and beautifully finished with the head lugs picked out in red enamel. The twin plate fork crown is nicely chromed and the round fork bladeshave a very steep rake and offer excellent feel and handling. The top eyes are elongated and have a lovely indentation half way along. The paintwork on this frame is totally original and it has aged magnificently. The red box lining is still present and is a lovely contrast with the custard yellow paint. The chrome on the forks and stays is a little dull, but does respond well to polish. The head badge and decals are also in immaculate condition. Overall it is the definition of patina, and it has mellowed extremely gracefully! Equipment is pretty much all period correct, with a beautiful Reynolds ‘Faux Lugged’ aluminium stem and Reynolds Pelissier handlebars up front. There is also a nice aluminium Adie ‘Ping” Bell attached to the stem and a lovely chrome Coloral bottle cage clamped to the handlebars. The GB Hiduminium calipers and Super Hood levers offer excellent stopping power and are in very good condition with the red cables secured above the forks with a rare GB cable clamp oiler. The Williams cranks have excellent chrome and are mated to a rare Thetic Osymetric chainring, designed to cut out the dead spot in the pedal stroke and improve efficiency by 5%! (Someone tell Chris Froome about these). The Brampton B8 pedals are in excellent shape and have been fitted with chrome Christophe toe clips and white leather straps. The saddle is the classic Brooks B17 Champion Narrow in brown and unsurprisingly it feels like an armchair once aboard. The Baycliff saddle wrap has a period yellow cycling cape to keep you dry and a little pouch pocket at the front, for your spanners. Mudguards are Bluemels ‘Noweight’ in cream with a spearpoint extension piece at the front and these are spotless. Rims are a more modern 700c Aluminium variety shod in Panaracer Pasela tires and laced to mint B.H.C Airlite low flange hubs with hollow axle spindles, fixed/free rear threading and front wing nuts. All components naturally provide a great riding experience. The upright geometry, gives the bicycle a real responsiveness and it all feels so ergonomically sound out on the road. It is able to accelerate quickly and maintain its pace with comparative ease considering some other bikes of the time. It feels as if the frame is at least 20 years ahead of its time when you stamp on the pedals.Overall, it is a beautifully preserved machine that has seen 70 years go by in the blink of an eye and forgotten to age as expected, in the process. We do sometimes wonder how many machines from this period, in this kind of condition, are left!




Buckley Bros


Road Bike

Seat Tube (C to T)


Top Tube (C to C)


Head Tube

6 3/4”

Frame no.

23349 (non drive side dropout)



Country of Origin


Frame Tubing

Accles & Pollock


Oscar Egg





Weight (Kg)


Standover Height


Rider Height 

5-9” 6-1”





Lytaloy No.1

Bottom Bracket

Brampton 1.37 x 24 tpi BSC


Williams B100 170mm


Thetic 46t Osymetric


Brampton B8 Aluminium

Toe Clips

Christophe Chrome

Toe Straps

White Leather

Brake Levers

GB Super Hood w/ Adjusters

Brake Calipers

GB Hiduminium

Brake Pads

Red Fibrax


Reynolds Pelissier 40cm

Handlebar Tape

Red Velox Cotton


Reynolds Lugged Aluminium 70mm


Brooks B17 Brown Leather ‘Oval Logo’


Reynolds Aluminium R5


700c Aluminium Rims


B.H.C (British Hub Company) Airlite Low Flange


Front Steel Wingnuts / Rear Track Nuts


Bluemels ‘Noweight’ w/ front spearpoint extension


20t T.D.C. (18t Fixed)


1/2 x 1/8


Panaracer Pasela 700c Amberwall