Jack Taylor 23' Touring Tandem Reynolds 531 Tourist

Jack Taylor 23' Touring Tandem Reynolds 531 Tourist

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This classic Jack Taylor Touring Tandem is one of the best examples of British craftsmanship you will find. The three brothers produced some truly wonderful machines for well over 50 years. This model features the fillet brazed construction that Norman Taylor was famous for with all tubes blending seamlessly into one another. It features an enlarged head tube, tandem fork blades and full Reynolds 531 Tourist tubing to give the frame the extra strength necessary for long distance touring. It is complete with Jack Taylor fillet brazed front and rear pannier racks, painted in black to match the rest of the bicycle and these offer plenty of storage for extra kit. Jack used to handle the paintwork on the frames and this is a real testament to the quality of the finish he produced. Considering this is a one (or two technically) owner machine from new in 1980 the paintwork really has stood up well. There are some light marks and chips, the worst of which is pictured on the rear top tube and the rear seat lug. There are also a couple of light pits on the strengthening tube between the bottom brackets, but to be honest you really have to want to notice them, to notice them. The box lining and Mondrian transfers for which they became synonymous with are in terrific condition and really brighten up the overall appearance of the bicycle. Componentry is as to be expected, the most high quality touring kit of the day, with TA Specialites bottom brackets mated to TA Specialites Triple tandem chainset, with crossover drive. The front chainrings are 52/44/32t offering a wide range of gears when handled by a SunTour Cyclone front mech and paired with the famous Huret Duopar Titanium rear mech. SunTour Cyclone 'stem mounted' Power Shifters handle the changers and the chain glides up and down the SunTour Perfect 5 Speed Freewheel with ease. The brake levers are Mafac with good black Weinmann Hoods and engage Mafac cantilevers front and rear. The right front brake lever also engages the Maxi-Car rear drum brake to give smooth braking when loaded. The rims are Super Champion 'Competition' 40/48h laced the the aforementioned Maxi-Car hubs with nutted axles. In terms of quality, these were just about the best set of tandem wheels money could buy in 1980 and Ken Taylor was a master with the spoke wrench! SR Sakae was specified for most of the finishing kit with 'Road Champion' Randonneur 42cm handlebars and a 100mm stem up front, an Atax Stoker Stem and SR 52cm 'North Road' handlebars behind. Both original Madison saddles are in very good shape and are held aloft by two Sakae 27.2mm seatpost. Gold SKS Mudguards keep you dry and a Sanyo bottom bracket dynamo is neatly positioned under the rear bb to handles the lighting, powering front and rear lights. Overall this is a wonderful tandem that deserves to be rides. Everything on the bicycle is super functional and in fine working order. This Jack Taylor would have been the pinnacle in 1980 and nearly 40 years later it still holds that mantle!




Jack Taylor


Touring Tandem

Seat Tube (C to C)

23” / 22”

Top Tube (C to C)

22” / 22.5”



Frame no.


Country of Origin


Frame Tubing

Reynolds 531 Tourist





Standover Height

88cm / 84cm

Rider Height

5 11” - 6 4” / 5 6”  5 11”





Jack Taylor 1 1/8”

Bottom Bracket

TA Specialites 52/44/32t


TA Specialites 170mm


TA Specialites



Rear Derailleur

Huret Duopar Titanium

Front Derailleur

SunTour Cyclone


SunTour Power Shifters

Brake Levers


Brake Hoods

Weinmann Black

Brake Calipers

Mafac Cantilevers

Brake Pads



Sakae SR Custom ‘Road Champion’ 42cm

Handlebar Tape

Red Ambrosio Tape / Red Velox Cotton


Sakae SR 100mm / Atax


Black Madison x2


Sakar SR Fluted x2


Super Champion ‘Competition’ 700c


Maxicar w/ drum brake


SunTour 5 Speed


700c Amberwall